The electronic goods as well as others, is now fully we use courier services J.N.E.
Here Information Rounding Weight Shipment according to rules enacted:
Starting from February 11, 2013 The following is to inform about Rounding Weight submission as follows:

1. The calculation of minimum shipment weight is 1 (one) Kg
2. If the Shipment More than 1 (one) Kg will apply:
a. Weight up to 0.3 kg, will be rounded down
b. Weight above 0.3 kg, will be rounded up
Example Rounding Down
- Shipments with a weight of 1.3 Kg will be counted as 1 Kg
- Shipments with a weight of 2.2 kg will be calculated Example 2 Kg

Rounding Top - Shipments weighing 1,310 Kg calculated as 2 Kg
- Shipments weighing 2,450 kg will be calculated 3 Kg

Along with this we inform also about handling Shipment Specific Types, as follows: Effective on February 11, 2013 Cash Counter JNE (Representative Office and Agent) are not allowed to receive shipments Cargo certain types such as Dangerous Good (DG), plants, animals life, precious metals. Submissions can be sent by DG Corporate Customers who already have a Shipper Declaration DG submissions can only be received / served when the main branch / branch has already certified PIC DG. Similarly, this provision we make for the sake of customer convenience when making a transaction. The attention and the confidence to use the service JNE, We thank you.

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